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Beltran Leyva cartel figure and a Michoacan mayor arrested in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s crackdown on drugs and corruption intensified this week with the arrests of the reputed second in command of the Beltran Leyva drug cartel and the mayor of a Michoacan city once controlled by the Knights Templar criminal gang. ... Full story

Latino pastors examine ways to strengthen community

A Latino parishioner from Reading has planted the seeds for what he hopes will be a church-based initiative to unite a troubled city. ... Full story

Sheriff's office changes immigration detainer policy following federal decision

Washington County Sheriff's Office will no longer hold most suspected undocumented immigrants for deportation. ... Full story

Nike opens soccer-only store in Brazil

Nike's run-up to this summer's World Cup in Brazil featured the opening on Wednesday of a soccer-only store in Brazil. ... Full story

Official: Private security helped drop in Juárez violence

JUAREZ -- The private security industry has contributed to the drop of violence in Juárez with prevention strategies and technology, said the head of the Private Security Office of Mexico's National Security Commission Juan Antonio Arámbula Martínez. ... Full story

Discrimination against Latinas: County to pay $570K in whistleblower case

Bernalillo County attorneys have agreed to pay more than half a million dollars to a former Sheriff’s Office employee who sued the county and Sheriff Dan Houston in October 2012, alleging she was mistreated after raising concerns about alleged discrimination against Hispanic women in the Sheriff’s Office. ... Full story

Study says NC's immigrants have positive economic impact

DURHAM — A new study by researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill found that North Carolina’s immigrant population has a positive impact on the state’s economy, with immigrants contributing $23,371 on a per-capita basis. ... Full story

Mariachi Mass still thrills at historic Texas church

It's the final Mass on Palm Sunday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, and although the rows of hard oak pews already are packed, an insistent throng pushes through the door. ... Full story

Cuba goes online (Video)

Cuba's Communist government has always maintained tight control over information. ... Full story

Vigilantes to disarm in Mexico’s Michoacan state

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government has set a date for the so-called self-defense militias in the troubled western state of Michoacan to dissolve and account for their weapons, a move that does not necessarily signal the end of the vigilante movement. ... Full story

Opinion: Deportation must be more humane

SAN ANTONIO - It's been a few weeks since President Obama pledged to review his deportation policies to determine if they should become more "humane." ... Full story

Documents: 'Fast and Furious' guns found their way to Texas

Smugglers from Arizona being monitored through the U.S. government's Operation Fast and Furious helped supply firearms to a gun-trafficking ring led by officials in Columbus, N.M., according to court documents. ... Full story

Former Sheriff Treviño: 'I plead guilty, your honor'

McALLEN — Five words sealed the fate of the man who used to be the highest law enforcement official in Hidalgo County. ... Full story

Firefighters get handle on deadly Chilean fires

SANTIAGO, Chile — Most of the fires that have devastated the central Chilean port city of Valparaiso and killed 15 people have been contained, the head of the government's forestry agency said. ... Full story

Opinion: Latino bus crash victims were stars of their working-class communities

The five teenagers who died in the fiery bus crash on Interstate 5 near Orland on Thursday had more in common than just their destination of Arcata. ... Full story

Coast Guard unloads $350 million in seized cocaine

Wearing protective gloves and masks, members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Legare carried 127 bales of cocaine – with a street value of about $350 million – off the ship and into a waiting trailer Tuesday. ... Full story

Opinion: Nunez-Marquez' deportation highlights need for immigration reform

Benjamin Nuñez-Marquez’s deportation, scheduled for April 29, underscores the urgent need for Congress to overhaul the nation’s immigration system. ... Full story

Undocumented immigrant students face hike in college bill

Talented Pattonville High School students often file into Julie Kampschroeder’s office seeking advice about college. ... Full story

Chile: Valparaiso fires may last weeks, arson suspected

Santiago - Chilean authorities said Monday that arson was suspected in the wildfire raging since the weekend in the central Chilean city of Valparaiso, as the death toll rose to at least 13 people in the blaze, which could take weeks to extinguish. ... Full story

Cartel violence ramps up in Mexican border state of Tamaulipas

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico — In the troubled state of Tamaulipas, authorities are bracing for widening conflict that in recent days has left more than 30 people dead and, in this city bordering Texas, led to a spate of kidnappings and extortion. ... Full story

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