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3 ways to spend less (but get more pleasure!)

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(Joel Koyama/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT) (Joel Koyama/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)

Retail therapy can backfire big time (ahem, debt). Avoid self-medicating at the mall with strategies that won’t break the bank.

Here are three mood-boosting healthy (and cheaper) alternatives to retail therapy.

1. Find a new dealer. A Zumba class can produce the same rush of feel good chemicals you get from shopping. But joining a group fitness glass is healthier for your waist and your wallet.

2. Try retail triage. Shopping to appease emotions is like putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound—it won’t fix the problem. Prevent damage by shopping only with a list and limited cash (or a prepaid debit card).

3. Make an alteration. Turn your passion for fashion into a hobby that won’t cause financial ruin. Try a sewing class or organize a clothing swap. Shopping offers a way to be social and pass time, but this is a smarter, more satisfying way to fill the void.

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