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Alabama kicker gets hateful tweets, death threats after loss

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(ORCarltonBanks viaTwitter) (ORCarltonBanks viaTwitter)

THE SAME RIVALRY that's linked to poisoned trees is now associated with some of the most vile tweets to ever be tapped out on Twitter.

We are, of course, talking about Alabama vs. Auburn: the Iron Bowl.

In 2010, Alabama fan Harvey Updyke poisoned two oak trees in Toomer's Corner on Auburn's campus after the Crimson Tide beat the Tigers, 28-27.

That sicko was caught, jailed and fined.

Alabama Crimson Tide kicker Cade Foster (43) (Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)

Fast forward to Saturday when Auburn defeated 'Bama, 34-28, in one of the most exciting games ever played.

The Tigers won when Chris Davis returned Adam Griffith's missed 57-yard field-goal attempt more than 100 yards for a touchdown as time ran out.

Griffith, a freshman, was attempting the field goal only because Cade Foster had missed three earlier in the game.

As you might expect, some fans were upset with Foster. But that doesn't excuse the shocking, ugly, despicably twisted stuff that some directed his way.

A sampling:

* "You [bleeping] suck kill yourself," wrote one idiot.

* "If you have a gf I hope she cheats on you tonight with your best friend. your worst than the cat who killed the trees," wrote another lowlife.

It got so bad that some of Foster's teammates, including senior linebacker C.J. Mosley, came to his defense.

Wrote Mosley:

"You fake ass bama fans stop sending threats to my teammate, you spoiled ******, respect what we do and know we all human! And that's REAL!"

This is real, too:

Foster is a 22-year-old senior who had a bad day on a nationally televised stage. He didn't miss on purpose.

The "fans" that sent those hateful messages did so intentionally. And they did so while hiding behind their computers.

Just like the cowards they are.

By Tom Mahon
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